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Company Profile

Xstream Solar Hot Water Cylinders (Pty) Ltd, the manufacturer of the internationally patented XSTREAM range of electric and solar hot water cylinders is located in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa. 

We manufacture state-of-the-art corrosion free solar hot water storage tanks for a wide range of applications joining in the global effort to reduce the human carbon footprint and really save energy, resources and money.

Manufacturing standards are maintained through the application of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. 

The XSTREAM range of electric and solar boilers excel in a number of ways with features, not normally found in other geysers or storage tanks:

•     The tank is totally corrosion and electrolysis free - therefore NO SACRIFICIAL ANODE IS REQUIRED

•     The XSTREAM range of products are standard solar adaptable, which means that a solar panel can be connected at any future time

•     The combination of materials used in production (Epoxy Vinyl Ester and Glass) ensures minimal heat loss, and is nine times stronger than metal on a weight to weight basis

•     It can be installed interior or exterior

•    Excellent Concept! Quality Product!

Our objectives

- Servicing our clients in a professional and cordial manner
- Ensuring client satisfaction through the supply of a trouble free, long lasting product
- Continually improving our products
- Rendering an effective & efficient after sales service
- Continue manufacturing in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, and to SABS specifications
- Providing fully trained, participating & committed staff to fulfill our objectives
- Seeking international co-operation / distribution of our product range.


“At the winery we use cross flow membrane filters to filter wine after fermentation to remove fine particles e.g. yeast, etc. The membranes have to be washed once a day with hot water (80o C). For this process we need 1200 litre of hot water. Our original installation used metal geysers from a reputable source, but these units did not last very long with the corrosive water in the area. We decided to look for non-metal units with “hard water” elements and decided to try the Xstream units. Xstream installed six 200 litre units in series on a steel frame. To our surprise the units lasted extremely well. Even the elements that we replaced 4 monthly in the past, lasted for three years before the first one had to be replaced. With these results we decided to use the geysers for other installations where similar filters are in use. The geysers at Nederburg were installed mid 2010 – 5 years ago. At Nederburg we installed 6 x 200 litre units. At our Stellenbosch plant we are at present installing another 8. Our biggest surprise was how long a geyser could last without giving problems. After five years the units are still in excellent condition and their appearance still very good. It is a good looking product (located in a visitor’s area), long lasting and virtually maintenance free. We bought the geysers because they were corrosion resistant. We are not using solar heaters yet, but the units are very well insulated and using them in series helps to save energy as only the bottom one switches on if a small amount of hot water is used. The product gives good service with minimal maintenance. Back up service was very good the few times we needed it for replacement elements. ”

“Saving electricity with water heating solar sets only makes sense if your equipment lasts well beyond the break-even point of your investment, that’s why we chose Mainstream tanks by Xstream. We have been selling Mainstream tanks since 2005 and to date we have not had a single report of any failure or need for replacement from any customer, that’s total reliability you can count on!

Comparison between non-ferrous (Xstream) tanks and corrosion prone metal tanks. 

Some comments on our 7 Year Warranty announcement: 

"Based on this historical performance of our tanks we hereby increase our five year warranty to SEVEN years."

“Great achievement guys and congratulations on a wonderful product!

I have no doubt that you will continue to achieve even greater results in the coming years.”

“Dit is 'n fantastiese mylpaal!! Baie geluk.

Baie dankie ook vir die goeie nuus dat die waarborg nou 7 jaar is op

al jul geisers.”

“Indeed good results, great, makes supporting the local manufacturers a no brainer.

Kind Regards I Vriendelike Groete”

“Baie geluk, dus voorwaar n prestasie. Well done. Doen so voort.


“Wow what a record !!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the whole Xstream team.”

“Brilliant. You have a right to be proud -that is a fantastic achievement!!

Well done.”

Some of our clients include: