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Paarl, July 2003: The first solar-adaptable, non-corrosive, and non-metallic Xstream geyser is produced — a geyser which is still operational today, just like 99% of all Xstream geysers manufactured since.

An analysis of the geyser market and specifically, finding the reasons why traditional geysers fail, was the motivation behind the establishment of Xstream by Dawie Thirion in July 2003.

The company obtained the SABS mark of approval in August 2003, while they have also implemented and subscribe to the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system.


It is common knowledge that corrosion, metal fatigue, lining problems and some or other form of galvanic reactions associated with various types of metal, traditionally used in the construction of inner tanks for geysers, are the main causes of the premature failing of hot water tanks. Together with the University of Cape Town, design engineer Willie Meissner was commissioned to build a finite element model to simulate the environment wherein geysers operate, and to eliminate the bulk of the causes of failure.

The solution came through identifying non-ferrous materials that could withstand the demanding conditions under which high-pressure tanks operate, being that the inner tank must perform under pressure, at high temperatures, and survive an extremely aggressive chemical-corrosive environment, while the outer must have an aesthetically pleasing look and feel, be noncorrosive, and possess low heat-loss qualities.

“The insights that the finite element model produced in design and material selection have been invaluable and it has proven to be one of the cornerstones of Xstream’s successes,” says Thirion.


All Xstream tanks are solar tanks with electrical backup; hence flat panels, evacuated tubes or a heat pump can be connected during installation, or anytime thereafter, by simply blocking off the ports on the tank. Retrofitting of any panel, tube, or heat pump can therefore easily be done at the cost of the panel and labour only — from as little as R5 000.

• 400kPa direct solar tanks with electrical backup ranging from 50 to 200 litres, with interconnection options catering for 300–400 litres. Any form of solar absorption media, be it flat panels or evacuated tubes, can be connected, or the solar ports on the tank can simply be blocked off for future connection.

• 400kPa indirect solar tanks ranging from 100 to 200 litres.

• Open to vent, cistern-type (low-pressure) tanks with evacuated tubes. These models are available with or without electrical backup elements positioned in the upper half of the tank.

• Open to vent (atmospheric) insulated tanks in 650 and 2 000-litre capacity.


The Xstream range of geysers carry a seven-year warranty, with an option of a 10-year warranty if installed by an Xstream accredited installer (subject to certain terms and conditions).


“The greenest car ever built is not as green as the car never built.” (Author unknown)

This is Xstream’s belief as well — they build geysers to last.

Over the past 15 years, Xstream has carved out its niche in the hot water cylinder market, proving the remarkable durability of its geysers in extreme environmental and water conditions; be it borehole water on farms (nationally), the harsh conditions of St Helena island, coastal areas, the Northern Cape, or Namibia. A steady increase in demand, particularly on islands off the coast of Africa, has also created growth as these markets identify and acknowledge the durability of the company’s products.


Xstream believes that the future for their products looks bright and they are committed to maintain the same manufacturing standards on which the company’s success has been built, as well as sourcing only local products from reputable companies, ensuring availability of parts at all times.

Opportunities also await with prototype testing of the company’s 300-litre vertical tank, which is well on its way; the soon-to-be-launched new-look Category B-rated tank; and trap doors specifically designed for easy installation of the increased size of the new Category B geyser.

Company Profile

Xstream Solar Hot Water Cylinders (Pty) Ltd, the manufacturer of the internationally patented XSTREAM range of electric and solar hot water cylinders is located in Paarl, Western Cape, South Africa. 

We manufacture state-of-the-art corrosion free solar hot water storage tanks for a wide range of applications joining in the global effort to reduce the human carbon footprint and really save energy, resources and money.

Manufacturing standards are maintained through the application of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems. 

The XSTREAM range of electric and solar boilers excel in a number of ways with features, not normally found in other geysers or storage tanks:

•     The tank is totally corrosion and electrolysis free - therefore NO SACRIFICIAL ANODE IS REQUIRED

•     The XSTREAM range of products are standard solar adaptable, which means that a solar panel can be connected at any future time

•     The combination of materials used in production (Epoxy Vinyl Ester and Glass) ensures minimal heat loss, and is nine times stronger than metal on a weight to weight basis

•     It can be installed interior or exterior

•    Excellent Concept! Quality Product!

Our objectives

- Servicing our clients in a professional and cordial manner
- Ensuring client satisfaction through the supply of a trouble free, long lasting product
- Continually improving our products
- Rendering an effective & efficient after sales service
- Continue manufacturing in accordance with ISO 9001 standards, and to SABS specifications
- Providing fully trained, participating & committed staff to fulfill our objectives
- Seeking international co-operation / distribution of our product range.

Comparison between non-ferrous (Xstream) tanks and corrosion prone metal tanks. 

Some of our clients include: