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Nederburg Wines 


Need analysis 
Hot water was needed to supply a filtration machine. There are two washing cycles minimum hot water requirement 600 litres at 75˚C.

In series vertical installation of 6 x 200 litre Xstream Mainstream tanks. Each fitted with a 3kW hard water element and isolator. An electronic timer regulates the time, with the bottom three geysers switched off after the first cycle.

Design features
Allows for efficient energy management. Vertical installation allows for the best stratification options. 
Hot water interruptions are limited due to multiple geyser supply. 

Bulk storage Applications

Tailored to their specific needs.

Nederburg Wines 

Uni Wines

Methodist Church Paarl

Welverdiend Retirement Home

Port Elizabeth Hospital

Fairview Wine Farm

Contact us for your bulk hot water requirements.

More hot water available.

Tailored for your specific needs.