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The most important part of a hot water cylinder is the inner tank. It must perform under pressure at high temperatures and survive an extremely aggressive chemical environment. We use epoxy vinyl ester resin and glass in the construction of our inner tanks, thereby eliminating known causes of inner tank failures associated with traditional metal tanks. Non-ferrous materials (like those used by us) cannot corrode (a major reason for tank failures) nor can any galvanic reactions (where dissimilar materials are interconnected) occur - our tanks are totally corrosion free, no metal is used in the construction thereof.

Design features

• Storage capacity of 360 litres.

• Open to vent thermal storage container (chest) with removable lid.*

• Suitable for installations in the open.

• Interconnectable for increased volume.

*Previous applications:

   - Used as chiller in dairy industry.

   - Used as thermal storage in plastic injection moulding industry.

   - Used as solar thermal storage, connected to a heat pump and solar panels.

   - Used as thermal storage for transporting raw venison / fish from hunting / fishing grounds.

Design aspects

Material selection is crucial as mentioned before. Our non-ferrous tanks are:

• Totally corrosion free – they will never rust.

• No galvanic reactions will occur in our tanks.

• Made from (non-ferrous) materials with uniform expansion rates (expansion caused by hot and cold cycles inside the inner tank) that totally eliminates the need for protective linings of any sort – (protective linings are used as protection against corrosion in metal tanks, but these can crack or delaminate in use, triggering corrosion in metal tanks).

Other Accessories