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Xstream’s edge

The most important part of a hot water cylinder is the inner tank. It must perform under pressure at high temperatures and survive an extremely aggressive chemical environment. We use epoxy vinyl ester resin and glass in the construction of our inner tanks, thereby eliminating known causes of inner tank failures associated with traditional metal tanks. Non-ferrous materials (like those used by us) cannot corrode (a major reason for tank failures) nor can any galvanic reactions (where dissimilar materials are interconnected) occur - our tanks are totally corrosion free, no metal is used in the construction thereof.

About our Solarstream

This hot water cylinder has been designed to deliver hot water by means of solar panels in situations where extreme conditions exist i.e. highly aggressive water or freezing conditions in winter.

The tank contains a heat exchanger, which, when coupled directly to the solar panel, forms a closed circuit containing non-toxic Xstream® panel guard. The panel guard is heated by the solar panel (by means of the sun) and is circulated thermo-syphonically through the heat exchanger within the tank. The water inside the tank absorbs heat from the heat exchanger. This means the water in the hot water cylinder is not heated directly by the solar panels, but indirectly by means of the heat exchanger. The cylinder has electrical back-up.

This design protects the heat pipes inside the panel against freezing conditions.

Other Accessories