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Xstream’s edge

The most important part of a hot water cylinder is the inner tank. It must perform under pressure at high temperatures and survive an extremely aggressive chemical environment. We use epoxy vinyl ester resin and glass in the construction of our inner tanks, thereby eliminating known causes of inner tank failures associated with traditional metal tanks. Non-ferrous materials (like those used by us) cannot corrode (a major reason for tank failures) nor can any galvanic reactions (where dissimilar materials are interconnected) occur - our tanks are totally corrosion free, no metal is used in the construction thereof.

Xstream Vacustream

Our Vacustream systems are supplied in kit format as a complete solar system and comprises of:

• the main storage tank (Vacustream), ❶

• supply tank (Supplystream), ❷

• Cobra float valve fitted, ❸

• all insulated pipe work between Vacustream and Supplystream in copper, ❹

• galvanised adjustable frame, ❺

• 12 x tubes, grommets and end caps. ❻







Design features

• Balanced pressure is optional on hot and cold water- the float valve positioned inside the Supplystream can feed both the Vacustream (from where the hot water is drawn) and the cold water supply to the shower.

• The Vacustream is available either with or without electrical back-up. The positioning of the element, being in the upper half of the tank ensures minimum electrical usage.

• Expanded water from the Vacustream is dumped entirely into the Supplystream for re-use, ensuring no water wastage whatsoever.

• A simple, sturdy, easy to erect adjustable galvanised frame with all interconnecting copper pipe work ensures effortless installations.

• Our design makes provision for perfectly round holes where the tubes are located into the Vacustream thus preventing leaks.

• With raised fittings for expanded water from the inner tank we ensure there is no air trapped inside the Vacustream. 

Design aspects

Material selection is crucial as mentioned before. Our non-ferrous tanks are:

• Totally corrosion free- they will never rust.

• No galvanic reactions will occur in our tanks.

• Made from (non-ferrous) materials with uniform expansion rates (expansion caused by hot and cold cycles inside the inner tank) that totally eliminates the need for protective linings of any sort.

• Known for their low overnight heat losses as non-ferrous materials have low heat transfer properties. • Lightweight -rendering them easy to handle and install.

How the Vacustream works

Through convection the heated water rise from the tubes into the storage tank, through stratification the hottest water rise to the top from where the hottest water is drained. The Supplystream® with float valve, stores any water that would otherwise be wasted trough expansion and feeds it back into the Vacustream tank for re-use. 

Our Vacustream inner tank has a flat surface to ensure perfect round holes for the location of the vacuum tubes. 

Vacustream interconnection for 200 Litre 

Other Accessories