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Rain water harvesting

GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) rain water harvest tanks available directly from our factory. We use black NPG gelcoat on the inner of the tank in order to block out any sunlight, thereby limiting algae growth.


Eco friendly

Harvest and store rainwater for future use without algae.

Aesthetically pleasing 

The Xstream GRP water tank can be painted to perfectly blend in with your environment. 


675 mm in diameter and 1 880 mm in height
670 Litre 

Material selection

Xstream's GRP tanks are strong and rigid even suitable to be installed uderground. 

Removable lid.

Secured with stainless steel bolts and nuts onto 10 mm rubber strip. 

Fittings supplied:
22 mm Outlet 
22 mm elbows
Level indicator pipe
22 mm Plastic tap

Other Accessories