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10 Year warranty availability to Xstream accredited installers.

We have full confidence, based on our proven track record to offer a *10-year warranty on our tanks. Our success record backs that up - more than 99% of all tanks manufactured since 2003 are still operational today (15 years later).

We however appreciate the role the professional installer has played in achieving this phenomenal success rate. This is a reward to those installers - join our growing number of Xstream accredited installers and be able to offer your client a *10-year warranty on our tanks.  

Only Xstream accredited installers will be able to offer our *10-year warranty.  

Excellent concept.  

Quality product.

Proven track record of durability, performance and service.

* Terms and Conditions:

The installation must be done by an Xstream accredited installer. A *10 year warranty application form must be submitted with all relevant documentation attached. A certificate of approval will be issued for a correctly installed cylinder as per SANS 10254 or SANS 10106 installation codes. Scheduled maintenance should be done as per Xstream *10 year warranty specifications. 

Becoming an accredited installer

Dear installer, should your application be successful you will be able to offer your client our extended warranty of *10 years whilst you also get referrals for installations and maintenance enquiries from us.  

Contact us for your Electronic Application Form

Please also note in your email the area you are based. 

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