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Energy Calculator

Here at Xstream Hot Water Cylinders we work closely with clients and specialists to deliver a quality solution that will give you peace of mind and help you save as time passes by. 


Our generic excel based energy calculator assists planners in calculating solar related savings as required by the latest by-laws approving building plans, or calculating energy needs for larger volumes.



2 x 2000 boilers corroded within 2 months from one another. The only alternative was the Xstream tank that CAN NOT CORRODE.

The solution:
10 x 200 litre Mainstream tanks connected in series, each fitted with 2 x 3kW incalloy elements each with its own isolator switch and thermostat.
With a total of 60kW available the reheating time was calculated at 4 hours due to the long pipelines with resultant heat losses 3 x 200 litre tanks were installed at the furthest drow off points. Provision was made for solar connections on the second 5 x 200 litre tanks.

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