During November 2020, we ran a plumbers’ survey posing the following questions:

  • How long have you been a plumber?
  • Which area do you cover?
  • In your experience replacing geysers, over the past 5 years, what was the main cause of geyser failure?
  • What would you see as the main cause of geyser failure?
  • What is the main resultant damage?
  • What in your opinion, is the average resultant damage cost of geyser failure?
  • Do you do resultant damage repairs?

The outcome is summarised in the following graph. A total number of 127 responses were received, with a combined 1875 (average 14) years in the industry.

The selection of non-ferrous materials by Xstream in the manufacturing of our tanks eliminated the common problems associated by traditional metal tanks – sanity prevails. (See Einstein’s view on how to describe insanity).

Without you, our customers and installers, we would not have been able to celebrate our twentieth birthday this month – we really appreciate your support.

This then brings us to our current survey – testing your views on the following: