Hard water elements

• Fitted with anode.
• Silicon seal included.
• Universal Element boss to fit Xstream hot water cylinders.

Available in:
1kW, 2kW and 3kW

Thermostat pocket with  Element stopper

To block off element port.


TSE 11, White cover.

AC/DC Conversion

  • Scew-in element nut
  • Grey silicone seal
  • Probe pocket
  • Thermostat cover

Drip tray

Use as drip tray for ceiling.
Internal installations.

Available up to 200l

PRV kit 400kPa

PRV kit

Control incoming water pressure from main water supply.
• Pressure control valve.
• Two vacuum breakers.
• Shut off valve.

Geyserwise display unit


GeyserWise Delta T220V
GeyserWise Dual
GeyserWise MAX
GeyserWise TSE model


Bronze hot water circulation pump.
220V AC with 3/4” ports.

Air release valve

Automatic air release valve 110 °C

L-shaped wall brackets

L-shaped Wall Mount Brackets

To mount geyser against wall.
40 x 3 mm angle iron – galvanised.

Size: 550 mm x 600mm

Please note that 2 x wall mount brackets are required per geyser

Roof Mount Bracket

To mount geyser onto tiled or clip-on roof.
44 x 50 x 5 mm fibre angle with stainless steel strapping.

Size:   220 mm

Please note that 2 x roof mount brackets are required per geyser

For solar systems

Solar Panel

Evacuated Tubes

Flat Roof Frame

Xstream Weather Cover

For aesthetic purposes and can be colour-coded to match the colour of your roof.

Request Xstream Weather Cover Fitment PDF

Before and after fitment

Before fitment

After fitment

Accessories Price Enquiry

Price enquiry

Accessories Price Enquiry

Price enquiry