The Xstream Difference

The Xstream Difference

Survey Results

We ran a marketing survey where we asked plumbers around South Africa to tell us what they have experienced to be the leading causes of geyser failure.

Find out what Streampie has to say

We use no metal in the construction of our tanks, this helps our geysers last longer.
See Streampie take you through the results in his presentation.

Watch out for more videos from Streampie, where he will dive into the causes of geyser failure and why you should go Xstream.


The top cause of geyser failure was discovered to be corrosion at 31% of votes. Interestingly, corrosion is a problem that only occurs in metal tanks. Find out more about corrosion from Streampie and why he reckons that Xstream is the best geyser in South Africa.

Metal Fatigue

Next in line is metal fatigue at 20% of votes. Dive into metal fatigue with Streampie, what it means and how it affects geysers.

Incorrect Installation

Rated third highest with 15% of votes. Look into Incorrect Installation and what effect it has on the longevity of your geyser, with Streampie.

Lining Related Issues

Rated fourth highest with 13% of votes. Dive into lining-related issues, and the troubles they create, with Streampie.

Xstream’s Edge

The most important part of a hot water cylinder is the inner tank. It must perform under pressure at high temperatures and survive an extremely aggressive chemical environment. We use epoxy vinyl ester resin and glass in the construction of our inner tanks, thereby eliminating known causes of inner tank failures associated with traditional metal tanks. Non-ferrous materials (like those used by us) cannot corrode (a major reason for tank failures) nor can any galvanic reactions (where dissimilar materials are interconnected) occur – our tanks are totally corrosion free, no metal is used in the construction thereof.