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This feeder crib which turns into a water trough when a float valve is fitted is made with NPG food-grade gel coat, re-enforced with class E glass fibre and isothalic resin. Manufactured by Xstream, the manufacturers of the corrosion-free range of solar and electric hot water cylinders in their ISO 9001 accredited factory in Paarl quality in manufacturing is assured.

Design Features

Design features

  1. The Feeder crib/water trough is corrosion free, UV stabilized, lightweight and easy to keep clean.
  2. The dimensions of the crib allow for use by cattle, horses or sheep. The crib is also strong enough for ever-curious young kid goats to climb and jump upon.
  3. A special re-enforced removable overhang lid protects the working parts of the water trough and float-valve connection port.
  4. The sloped end of the Xstream Vlotterstream allows for easy cleaning as the water can be scooped out easily. Regular cleaning of water troughs is still the best way to prevent algae growth.
  5. The extended “t-frame” of the legs, secured by cable ties to the inside of the lip of the trough allows for easy, secure installation. It can further be enhanced by the planting of poles on opposite ends of the trough and secured to the legs of the trough.
  6. The front (inside) end of the trough is lengthened into the drinking area of the trough in order to prevent animals getting to the working parts of the float valve.
  7. A centre spot indicator will assist in the positioning of the float valve when installed. Use a drill of any kind, drill a hole through the base of the trough where the incoming water line will be connected to the re-enforced are as indicated.
  8. Adjust the float arm to the required water level. The dimensions of the trough allow for easy transportation and storage as they fit into one another when stacked.

Design aspects

*Available in 1.7m, 3.1m and 3.6m sizes

The Xstream Vlotterstream Specifications

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Other Accessories


Other Accessories