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Xstream Mainstream

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The most important part of a hot water cylinder is the inner tank. It must perform under pressure at high temperatures and survive an extremely aggressive chemical environment. We use epoxy vinyl ester resin and glass in the construction of our inner tanks, thereby eliminating known causes of inner tank failures associated with traditional metal tanks. Non-ferrous materials (like those used by us) cannot corrode (a major reason for tank failures) nor can any galvanic reactions (where dissimilar materials are interconnected) occur – our tanks are totally corrosion free, no metal is used in the construction thereof.

Xstream Mainstream Tank

Numbered Mainstream Cut-out

1. Vinyl ester inner
2. High density polyurethane insulation
3. UV resistant and corrosion free outer casing
4. Solar fittings & factory fitted copper to copper connection
5. Draincock and inlet
6. Temperature & pressure (safety) valve
7. Hard water element with anode at base of cylinder
8. Inlet diffuser
9. Waterproof electrical box (IPx4 rated)

150ℓ & 200ℓ Xstream Mainstream – Available with Extra Port

Xstream Mainstream tanks can be interconnected for 300ℓ or 400ℓ capacity.

Various heating sources can be used with the Xstream Mainstream tank as it is standard solar adaptable.

Design Features

For the installer

• All the fittings are positioned on one side of the tank for ease of connections and less pipe work.
• Can be easily stacked and interconnected for bigger volume requirements.
• The tank is lightweight, easy to handle and install, less labour required.
• Drain- and safety valve factory fitted.
• Roof and wall mount brackets available on request.

For the home owner

• The tank can be manufactured in any colour in order to blend in with the environment.
• Can be installed either in- or outside.
• The tank is solar ready – a solar absorption panel or tube set can be connected at any future time.
• Low overnight heat losses as non-ferrous materials do not transfer heat, saving you on your electricity bill.
• Maximum hot water draw-off due to our efficient baffle/spreader, that prevents internal mixing of existing hot and incoming cold water.

Design aspects

Material selection is crucial as mentioned before. Our non-ferrous tanks are:
• Totally corrosion free – they will never rust.
• No galvanic reactions will occur in our tanks.
• Made from (non-ferrous) materials with uniform expansion rates (expansion caused by hot and cold cycles inside the inner tank) that totally eliminates the need for protective linings of any sort – (protective linings are used as protection against corrosion in metal tanks, but these can crack or delaminate in use, triggering corrosion in metal tanks).

Mainstream design features

How the Mainstream works

Our Mainstream range are closed-vent tanks with a pressure rating of 400 kPa. In referring to these tanks as “high pressure tanks” what is meant is that these are closed-vent tanks – as you open the hot water tap cold water basically pushes the hot water out, thus the tank can be positioned at a point lower than the draw-off point.

In order to prevent the hot and cold water mixing inside the tank a diffuser is installed, keeping the incoming cold water at the bottom of the tank where the electric element is positioned in order to reheat the incoming cold water. The tank is basically a storage tank of thermal energy (hot water). Once heated the tank’s purpose is to keep the water hot for later usage. Various heating sources can be used with the Xstream tank – electricity (element), solar panels, tubes, heat pumps or AC/DC conversion. The tank is factory fitted with the necessary in- and outlet ports to accommodate these connections at any future time.

It is therefore very important to weigh up all the options when replacing or installing a storage tank – the better it is insulated the longer the water inside the tank will remain hot and less electricity will be used in maintaining the temperature inside the tank.

The Xstream Mainstream range is factory fitted with:

Can be connected to but not limited to:

The Xstream Mainstream Specifications

Xstream Mainstream Tank Specifications

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Other Accessories